New partnership will see Scots encouraged to move more

Movement for Health is working with the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK to advocate for use of its Moving Medicine resource which provides health care professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to talk to patients about physical activity.

The web resource draws on both clinical and patient experience to create behaviour change for people living with long term conditions. It is free to access and already widely used across England. 

Movement for Health has endorsed the resource in the hope it can help improve the resilience of Scotland’s people, communities and NHS while directly aligning to its key aim of making it easier for people with a long term health condition to be more active.

Dr Emma Lunan, Chair of Movement for Health, said: “It’s quite simple – Scotland needs to move more to boost the nation’s health and happiness.  

“The Moving Medicine web tool has already had success in paving the way for healthcare professionals to feel confident and have better conversations around physical activity and ultimately make referrals for exercise. We encourage those who work within a healthcare setting to seek out and use this resource as it can play such an important role in supporting those with Long Term Conditions to become more active.

The Moving Medicine resource was developed in Scotland through a partnership between FSEM, Sportscotland and Public Health Scotland. This partnership also included the development of the resources for children and young people.

Dr Natasha Jones, FSEM President and Clinical Director of Moving Medicine, said: “The Movement for Health coalition brings together charities and organisations that share FSEM’s vision of improving the health of the nation through physical activity. 

“We are delighted to be working with the coalition to help us spread the word and encourage everyone in healthcare to have better conversations about physical activity”

Moving Medicine has worked with more than 2,000 clinicians, academics and patient experts to design the resource for a wide range of conditions and life stages, such as cancer, diabetes, pregnancy, and menopause. 

In total, Moving Medicine offers resources covering 21 adult conditions and life stages, 6 childhood conditions and 6 conditions affecting young people. These paediatric resources were jointly co-funded Public Health Scotland and sportscotland. 

Further information on Moving Medicine can be found here: