Our priorities for the next Scottish Parliament

Movement for Health are urging the Scottish Government to improve policy and practice for people living with long term conditions to become more physically active.  

The coalition of sixteen of Scotland’s leading health charities have published a Call to Action with an aim to influence policy as we come up to the Scottish elections in May 2021.

Dr Emma Lunan, chair of Movement for Health said,
”The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated the importance for us all being outdoors more, and has brought to the fore the benefits that this can have on for our mental and physical wellbeing. As we look towards recovering from the pandemic and beyond, it will be more important than ever to ensure that people have access and opportunities to engage in physical activity. As such, I hope that our priorities  will be welcomed.”

The Coalition is asking all parties in the next Parliament to:

  • LEAD
    Scotland’s physical activity rates need to be urgently addressed to prevent significant healthcare issues both now and in the future. Leadership at a local and national level is urgently required.
    Highlight the importance of physical activity for everyone’s health and immune system, as well as it reducing the impact of COVID-19 for vulnerable people, often living with long term conditions. Ensuring that public health campaigns support this message and are targeted to have the most impact with the most people.
    Address the lack of dedicated funding for appropriate community organisations, leisure trusts and physical activity providers which supports people with long term conditions and addresses the inequality of opportunity to engage in and participate in physical activity for this group.
    Work in partnership to ensure that people living with long term conditions have accurate and timely information about, and access to, physical activity at a level that’s right for the individual.
    Ensure people living with long term conditions receive the support they need to be physically active safely when experiencing rehabilitation and recovery services.

You can download the Calls to Action document here and contact us by email if you would like to discuss these priorities in further detail.

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